Matt McGuire

Vice President, Prince Edward Island

Matt has held many senior roles within the Government of Prince Edward Island. While serving as Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental and Public Affairs, Matt led a team that focused on everything from Federal-Provincial and Inter- Provincial relations to responsibility for oversight and strategy for all Government Communications. Matt was also Deputy responsible for Aboriginal Affairs and Archaeology, playing a role in establishing and overseeing the Province’s policy on the Duty to Consult. Matt also served as Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for Communications PEI and Assistant Clerk of Executive Council.

In his capacity with Communications PEI, Matt lead the development and implementation of the communications for numerous challenging government initiatives including the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax and Government Pension Reform.

While serving in the PEI Executive Council Office, Matt authored Prince Edward Island’s Rural Action Plan (2010) and was involved in many signature government initiatives; including, the Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Agri-food on PEI. He also has seven years’ experience as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Matt has a deep understanding of the importance of strong communication and strategic planning in getting the best results for his clients. Matt also has extensive experience in grassroots community development; including work with the PEI Mi’kmaq communities.