Rick Emberley

Senior Council

Rick has been a leading marketing communications and research expert for over 30 years, and is senior counsel at the M5 Group where his principal responsibilities lie in corporate development, business development and strategy development. He founded Bristol Communications Group, Omnifacts Research Inc. and Boomersplus.com.  He is well known for his specialty research work in the area of political, public opinion and public policy where he has consulted to well over 50 public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

Rick holds a degree in Economic and Political Science and has completed Masters studies in Marketing.

Rick is CEO of Boomersplus.com and currently serves as Senior Counsel to the M5 Group. He is Executive Chair of the Board of the Discovery Centre International, and is a recent director of the Greater Halifax Partnership.  He also serves on the Advisory Board to the MacPhee Centre an organization serving ‘at risk’ youth. During his career he has managed over 500 research assignments in consumer products, travel & tourism and telecommunications and public policy.

Rick has led multiple projects in the areas of sponsorship marketing strategy and fundraising. Specifically, he managed sponsorship strategy and stewardship for the new Neptune Theatre; Tall Ships 2000; Discovery Centre; World Junior Hockey and World Women’s Hockey Championships and a number of other private and NFP organizations.

He currently chairs the NS Nature Trust and is involved in developing a new fundraising and sponsorship program for that organization.  He also currently sits on the Board of the Advertising Standards Council of Canada.